Helping People Make Positive Changes to Their Lives


Coaching & counselling helps clients to develop more satisfying and resourceful ways of living. People choose to talk to a coach or a counsellor for many reasons; because they are unhappy, or confused, or stuck in old patterns and are fed up with making the same mistakes. Others may be lonely, frightened or angry, or feel sad and lost or uncomfortably anxious. Many people are involved in problem situations they are not handling well and realise they want to manage things more effectively.



I offer both Coaching and/or Counselling services, integrating them seamlessly into each session as and when is required. My counselling style in known as eclectic: This means I have the ability to adapt different therapeutic tools to the personality and needs of each client, ensuring effective outcomes.


Who I Help

I work with adults and adolescents, specialising in three main fields of counselling and their associated outcomes including Trauma, Work-related problems, and ADHD. My personal experience and education strengthens my ability to empathise with and support my clients across these areas of expertise.